The Programming Junkie

About Me

I have a hypothesis that everything requires a time machine. Even something seemingly as trivial as writing a biography. Allow me to demonstrate:

TODO: Write a biography.

TODO: Add a photo.

TODO: Take a photo to add.

TODO: Buy a camera with which to take the photo to add.

TODO: Save money to buy the camera with which I'll take the photo.

TODO: Find a job that pays enough to allow me to save money to buy the camera.

TODO: Learn a useful skill in order to get the aforementioned job.

TODO: Figure out what type of learner I am.

TODO: Find a great teacher.

TODO: Ask the great teacher if they have any friends with enough time to teach me.

TODO: Help the adequate teacher learn how to be a great teacher by asking great questions.

TODO: Do my homework so that I actually have context and can ask great questions.

TODO: Stop spending so much time learning programming so that I have time to do my homework.

TODO: Make a list of all of the reasons programming sucks to convince myself to stop doing it.

TODO: Make a list of all of the reasons lists suck so that I can stop writing lists.

TODO: Make time to do this long list of things.

TODO: Build a time machine.